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Are web forums e-participation?

Web forums can be part of an e-participation process. But only after the integration of a dialogue-oriented workflow makes forum contributions of citizens, collaborators, customers into a goal oriented discourse. From our experience, forums which do not show any process relevance, are mostly frustrating and eventually a waste of time and money, especially if from the beginning there is no relation to any higher order system.

Does Binary Objects only provide the technology?

In public participation dialogues Binary Objects works together with project partners who have specific experience and expertise in this area. In our corporate dialogue projects within the companies, we rely on our own experts for CSR and ERM.

Is e-participation only citizens' participation?

No. E-participation is a generic term for all procedures, in which a group of people (usually a large number) is involved in a discourse on the Internet. This can include the dialogue between a town/city administration municipality with its citizens, or it can be the dialogue between a company and its customers.

What is the DMS and the discourse-machine?

The Dialog Management System (DMS) is a dialogue and publication platform on which we create various interactive workflows in the Internet. Such workflows facilitate the communication of citizens and their administration, or the companies and their customers. Through this platform, groups can be easily organised to work out and disseminate all kinds of information among themselves.
The discourse machine is the functional tool of the DMS which has been designed specially for public participation projects. It is being used in various big cities and towns for city planning and civic participatory budget proposals.

What is the Software DEMOS?

DEMOS stands for Delphi Mediation Online System and is a registered trade mark of the TuTech Innovation Inc., Hamburg, an institution for all Hamburg universities for the promotion of Knowledge Transfer. DEMOS refers to a specific online dialogue methodology, which was developed by TuTech in a research project supported by the European Union. But the design and technical realization of this methodology in concrete discourse projects has been implemented through Binary Objects on the basis of the Dialog Management System.

Who is behind Binary Objects?

Binary Objects is a privately held company. The main shareholders and managing directors are Dr. Markus Klima and Matthias Rehkop, who have been promoting Internet-based dialogues in numerous projects between city administration and citizens as well as between company and customers since 1995. Since 2002, Binary Objects has investigated and developed interactive web software. Beside individual portal solutions for different customers, a software Framework for the modeling of dialogue Workflows was also conceptualized and developed.

Dr. Markus Klima wrote his master's degree thesis in Political Science about the Democracy on the Internet. Furthermore, he received his doctorate degree in Technical Sociology about the Evolution of Discourse Machines on the Internet. At the University of Münster, he held lectures on technical-cultural issues. Since 1995 he has actively taken part in establishing a public citizens' network and has beeen a member of the citizens' network association as well as in the Advisory Council of the City of Münster. Aside from being responsible for Research and Finances for Binary Objects, he is also a consultant for international technological companies on political and social trends in Germany.

Matthias Rehkop is one of the most experienced web specialist in Germany. His first Browser was a NCSA Mosaic. He was technically involved in the construction of the first large public citizens' network in Münster between 1995 and 1998. He has worked as as an independent consultant and has held several lectures about issues of the Internet. For Binary Objects, Matthias Rehkop is responsible for the technical realization of the projects as well as for the development of the Dialog Management System.

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