Was gibt es Neues?

Ankündigungen und anderes Berichtenswerte.
Was gibt es Neues?

Discussion in Dresden

On 5th of June 2010 the City of Dresden started an open online-dialog about the development of a historical place in the center of the city, called Neumarkt Platz. Over the course of 4 weeks citizens are invited to discuss their ideas and proposals and comment on the ideas of other participants. The website offers information about the history and architecture of the place. At the end the results will be evaluated, documented and integrated in the announcement of the construction plan. Especially for this project Twitter was integrated in the discourse-machine of Binary Objects. This makes it possible to comment and work on the news of Twitter in the same way as with the other proposals on the website and send them back to Twitter afterwards.

Debatte Dresden.

„Living together in Berlin“ reloaded

The Berlin advisory council for family issues started in April 2010 an online dialog on conditions for families in Berlin. Like two years ago, the citizens of Berlin are expected to give ideas and wishes to improve the way of living together in the city. The new platform allows the localization of the proposals via Google Maps.
For one month the citizens of Berlin could participate and there by influence the family report of Berlin. Binary Objects realized this project again.

Living together in Berlin

In April 2010, Berlin Lichtenberg starts for the sixth time a participatory budgeting

On April 1st the online dialog about the spending and savings of the budget in Berlin Lichtenberg starts again for five months. Citizens have the opportunity to give ideas where the budget of the borough should be invested or better saved. This time structural measures are included in the discussion. With special buttons every participant from Lichtenberg has the possibility to support ideas and to mark areas in which the money should be saved.

Until September all ideas from the inhabitants of Berlin Lichtenberg will be assembled. The following two weeks the platform is open for the evaluation of the proposals.

Participatory Budgeting Lichtenberg

The fifth participatory budgeting started in Berlin-Lichtenberg

In September 2009, the borough Lichtenberg of Berlin started for the fifth time the participatory budgeting on the Internet. Like every year, citizens are invited to take part and to discuss about the cash budget of the borough. The new online-version of the participatory budgeting shows via google maps buildings and institutions with some informations about them, which could then be selected for spending or saving money. Also, this time it is possible to make proposals directly through the objects on the map without being registered.

For four weeks it is possible to make proposals on this website. After that the site is open for two more weeks to evaluate and comment the ideas.

Participatory Budgeting Lichtenberg

Framework agreement for participatory budgeting in Lichtenberg/Berlin

Since 2005, the Berlin district Lichtenberg let their citizens participate in municipal budgeting in different ways. In addition to conferences which take part in the district and interviews of different households since 2005 the dialog-management-system „discourse-machine“ developed by Binary Objects allows the citizens to discuss the budgetary funds of the district. The framework agreement ensures the availability and support such an online platform for the next years.

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Binary Objects has moved!

Just walking distance from the Alexanderplatz, you can reach us best with the public transportation leading to the Metro-Station Jannowitzbrücke (U8/S5,9,75). From the main train station you just need 10 minutes with the "S-Bahn“. We are glad to welcome all our customers to our new office!

Bertelsmann Foundation publishes results of online dialog with citizens

On the 60th anniversary of the social market economy in Germany the Bertelsmann Foundation publishes the results of their survey: The German society loses trust in their social market economy. During two conferences and on an online platform implemented by Binary Objects, a citizens' program with 50 proposals for more social equity has been developed.

350 citizens have been representatively chosen and were invited to discuss their ideas about a fair social market economy. The online-platform was initiated by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation and the Ludwig-Erhard-Foundation and has been developed by Binary Objects entirely on the basis of our Dialog Management System - the discourse-machine.
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About the Future of the Airport Tempelhof

Commissioned by the Senator for Urban Development in Berlin, the Internet-based competition “Call for Ideas” for the future use of the field of Airport Tempelhof started on the 20th of May. All interested people all over the world – not only citizens of Berlin – are invited to propose their ideas.

Binary-Objects turns CO2-neutral

On 1 January 2008, Binary-Objects completely turned CO2 neutral. Our Internet-Server as well as our office have been using ecologically-sound electricity which is certified by the non-profit association Verein Energie Vision e.V. To compensate for travel and other office resource consumption, it is planned to support environmental projects.

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