Wer sind wir?

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Wer sind wir?

Binary Objects GmbH

Originally founded in 2002, Binary Objects is a privately held company with headquarters in Berlin. It is a leading provider of software in the field of e-participation and dialogue-oriented workflow models in Germany. Cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Cologne, organisations like the Bertelsmann Foundation, the German Parliament or the Government's platform Movement & Nutrition, "peb", as well as medium-sized enterprises are among the customers.

Binary Objects is a research-oriented supplier of software as well as provider of services for the modeling and implementation of web-based dialogues with small to substantially big numbers of participants.

The range of applications varies from internal corporate editorial workflows to public civil forum with tens of thousands of participants.

Binary Objects is a founding member of the initiative "eParticipation", a group of software suppliers, service providers and research organisations, to promote civic participation on the internet through studies, conferences, book publications and so on. Recently, the anthology "E-Participation - Participation Projects on Internet" was released.


"A good discussions-software should help focus on issues and opinions which are worked-out should be joint efforts. The discourse-machine in this case is a highly-flexible, intuitively easy tool to use."
Hans Hagedorn, Online-Moderator, Zebralog e.V.